Music of You Formula (Part 1)

Everyone is existing but are you living?

It all starts with You.

Not the you that’s composed of narrative self-images put over You by society.

And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Unless you accidentally identify with the ideas of society as the true nature of what You are.

In actuality, your true nature existed and continues to exist before you ever had any ideas about yourself.

And the true nature of the real You loves you so much that it talks to you when you innocently hold ideas and thoughts as truths.

At best thoughts are just tools.

And so the true You is talking to you to not identify your thoughts.

It does this by creating music as a way of speaking to you.

This music can be so painful because the real you is doing its best with intense vibrational sounds to remember that the only one that knows You best is You.

You know this because you can see from any moment (and You have infinite moments) of not being tethered to your habitual thought patterns.

It’s not even thoughts that are the issue, it’s only when your mind has put your eggs in one basket in the belief of **a thought.

And that belief is why your mind is in an endless loop of seeing a thought as negative.

A so-called ‘negative’ thought is just a thought.

It’s seen as negative because your mind has been conditioned by placing meaning to the label (i.e., good, bad, right, wrong, etc).

And that ultimately means the meaningless You is telling you negative or positive thoughts is to be set aside just to see thought as thought.

If fact, it’s not even that.

It’s just energy.

It’s energy that will be processed by the mind as thought.

What’s the quality of this moment before I have a thought about it?

You already know this because you can invite ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ thoughts back in without the rigid positionality of being identified with neither of them.

Cause now You can move freely within thoughts, swimming between negative and positive thoughts as simply a spectrum of energy.

Just like it’s not black or white thinking, but rather, a diverse color palette of black and white thinking to communicate a painting of wonder.

Don’t worry, wonder!

Of course, your mind knows you better than You know You.

It will even try to strive and/or wait for something to happen as soon as it learns a technique to not identify with thoughts and just “let it go.”

That’s because learning a method will not have the same causal novelty effect as when you were first introduced to It.

Well, we could then start to create infinite instantiations from the original technique.

For instance, don’t let it go, let It flow.

And while that’s perfectly okay, ultimately the mind will form a mental construct with the new method(s) that will not have the same re-cognition of seeing it for the first time.

So no matter what, the mind will always do whatever it can to stay in mind, mind you.

That’s because your mind cannot grasp what is Infinite****—****this true You now before you have any thoughts about It.

And that’s okay because that’s just the nature of mind**—**seeing things in a finite way to better understand the universe we live in.

Without mind, there would be no way to communicate with others because it’s the mind that categorizes everything into subjects and objects.

You and I, this and that, as above, so below, and so It goes.

However, the inner tension occurs because the real You is signaling the noise floor is too high in the finite world of your mind.

In other words, the interpretations of your mind to represent the categories of understanding the world have now shifted to re-presentations to stay in the finite world of mind.

And just to clarify once again, there’s nothing wrong with this because the real You is longing is to re-turn back itself by speaking musically that something is so-called “wrong”.

Yet “wrong” is just a frequency of vibration, a musical sound quality.

And “wrong” can range on the spectrum of feeling something off in a subtle way to intense pain.

And all that is just energy.

Pain is just energy.

Before your mind interprets “wrong” by using language as a means to create meaning, there’s a pulsation that bubbles up that’s just raw energy.

That raw energy is the real You before it’s colored by the layers of filters you’ve learned from your conditioning.

Sort of like seeing the layers of “wrong” or “right” as just waves of clouds because the real You knows these are just energetic pulsations within the sea of the sky itself.

You can’t have clouds without a sky.

You can’t have waves without an ocean.

You can’t have the moon without the sun.

You can’t have a rainbow of colors without light.

A baby knows this.

And that’s You!

The infinite baby You that exists in absolute wonder.

The baby you That exists before you even learned your name.

Because You existed before your mother even thought of a name for You.

Not the image, the feeling.

Not conceptually, but experientially.

Not in the words, yet wordlessly.

Just like emotions come and go, but You still remain.

So what’s a tried and true way of feeling what feels like to be You?


Not listening to music in a goal-oriented way to keep you falsely identified with mind.

Instead, it’s listening to music in an oriented way of a spontaneous discovery of You.

We’ll uncover this more in Part 2, but how about you run this experiment with the prescribed formula below?

Step 1: Sign up for Spotify, it’s free.*

Step 2: Search a favorite song that does NOT have any lyrics (we’ll expand on this in Part 2).

Step 3: Always stumble upon ONE new song per day with their “Discover” and/or “Song Radio” feature. (Part 3 will be the background theory of its algorithm).

Bonus Baby Step: Like the song so the algorithm gets smarter for You!

*and no I’m not affiliated with the music company at all