I Before E Accept After Sea

I = Intimate Fusion

E = Energetic Thoughts

The essence-nature of what you are is radiantly meaningless.

You know, it’s the life moments of seeing without any thoughts and narratives impacting your present experience.

It’s not thoughts themselves that hide your true nature.

It’s the identification with Energetic Thoughts that conceal the real you.

Thoughts are simply interpretations to represent the universe we live in, not the beliefs of those interpretations as the Heart of what you are.

The core of what-you-are is like a vast endless sea and your thoughts are waves appearing as flavors of emotions.

When one believes the waves only exist, it causes one to live in conditioned cycles of subconscious programming.

Only when one is in recognition that the sea is what creates the waves, the subconscious programming of Energetic Thoughts dissolve away.

The sea is just a metaphor to point to a space of Intimate Fusion, the nameless and timeless substance of what-you-are moving throughout the times.

Even intellectually thinking about Intimate Fusion creates additional Energetic Thoughts, giving rise to more wavelike mental constructs.

By becoming disinterested in Energetic Thoughts, watching thoughts as they are without grasping or pushing them away, a veil will uncover a nonconceptual moment of seeing.

The moment of seeing is your true Heart center, the mirror-like oceanic substance with boundless possibilities for waves to arise and subside (i.e., an Intimate Fusion of your essence-nature that encompasses Energetic Thoughts).

In doing so, I Before E Accept After Sea is a mnemonic expression to remember there are infinite moments to truly see the real you.

If you’re agitated with Energetic Thoughts, be Intimate Fusion with the context of space before that which surrounds the content of thoughts.

When you sit with it, I before E conceptually dissolves to shine a flash of wordless insight, only when you become intimate with what is, to accept everything as it is.

In any moment just after, see what you are has always been and always will be the never-ending pulsation of the Sea itself.

Stay tuned Aware Being.

O Mother,

I See,

Be the Womb of the Golden-Eye Sea,

I See,

O Mother!