Don’t be great, be GREATER!

Everyone is existing but are you living?

99% of people are asleep in a dream bonding in pain.

You were born destined to be great, so wake up.

Sounds great, right?

Like a GREAT dream. [chuckle]

But you know what’s really true?

You already are great.

You’ve always known that.

And that’s not some great-sounding destined dream.

That’s just truth—here and now.

And yet you’re always curious what if…

What if I take the next baby step(s) to go beyond great?

To be greater than great.




Don’t be great, be GREATER!

*Optional but [chuckle] chuckling is necessary for the greater good!

Yours truly,


P.S. It doesn’t mean going greater beyond and leaving great behind. It’s grounding a solid foundation that you are great within while you are dancing beyond with the great-err … umm … mmm … kind of like you’re having a conversation with yourself of not trying to be greater or better than everyone else but being greater for the love all beings and simultaneously expressing that by being great for the benefit of all beings through daily action. Like sharing something that made the GREATER part of you laugh because your data shows a likelihood of 36.5% (repeating of course) that it will make a GREAT laugh through sharing it with another baby being in the same crib of Earth!