Five Finger Baby Acts

The five fingers are the same fingers you’ve had since you were a baby.

Just like parts of a movie, each of the five fingers are acts you are constantly performing, whether you realize it or not.

When you do realize it, it’s the core that pulsates the feeling of being yourself.

Whereas if you don’t, there’s an overflowing sensation of being in a movie without realizing you’re watching a movie in the first place.

Being in a movie will focus your attention on the foreground while keeping everything else in the unfocused blur of the periphery background.

It’s not that the background has disappeared, it’s just that your awareness is directed towards an object of interest, i.e., an actor, a baby’s hand, your hand.

What is it then when you see your hand in the foreground and include the background as well?

This is the power of the baby hand, the performance of the Five Acts occurring through you since you were an infant.

And recognizing this is what brings about an intuitive feeling of the Nameless baby in you that is timeless regardless of your given birth name.

Essentially, you didn’t learn your name as a baby yet, you were Nameless in experiencing the beauty of life as it is, like the inner feeling at recess of being yourself.

The Nameless essence is in you right now, if you allow it to be.

Instead of identifying with your name as the locus of selfhood, let’s go through your five fingers that revert back to the baby essence of what you are.

The ongoing performance of the Five Acts consists of:

index  –  Creation

middle –  Preservation

ring   –  Reabsorption

pinky  –  Forgetting

thumb  –  Remembering

The pinky finger is the grounds to why one is forgetting the Nameless nature in themself, thereby accidentally identifying their name as the foundation of who they are.

By inviting space, it is the grace of the thumb in remembering the Nameless baby in you, the feeling of being your Self, witnessing the movie of your mind was in a Self-concealed state all this time.

It’s kinda like looking at clouds, though instead of being attached to the clouds, what-you-are is the blue sky that makes it possible to experience the creation and preservation of clouds to begin with.

Once the reabsorption of clouds dissolve back into the sky, the mind is in the act of forgetting, hiding the Real you in the unfocused periphery background of the blue sky itself.

By remembering to put a thumbs up and giving space to let everything be as it is, a sensation will come out of the blue to uncover something infinite that cannot be described in words and is only felt.

It is the Nameless baby and, that is You!

Stay tuned Aware Being.

P.S. One mnemonic way to remember the Five Acts is applying CPR-FRiend with your fingers.

Wake up a friend to feel alive with the clouds of the Undying blue sky for the benefit of all beings.